How do I remove a PLECS Viewer license?

Problem description: 

PLECS Blockset always starts as the PLECS Viewer. But I have a regular license file and would like to use this instead.


The PLECS Viewer is enabled during the installation by the PLECS Blockset Installation Wizard if you choose the option Use PLECS Viewer License. The installation wizard will then copy a special license file, viewer.lic, into your license folder. This license file takes precedence over any other licenses that PLECS might use.

To remove the PLECS Viewer license:

  1. Select PLECS License Manager from the menu Help in the schematic editor.
    PLECS License Manager dialog
  2. Click Manage license files... to open the License File Manager.
    License File Manager dialog
  3. Select the file viewer.lic and click Delete.
  4. Enter the MATLAB command plecsclear or restart MATLAB.


Alternatively you can also use your file browser to manually remove the file viewer.lic from the PLECS License Search Path.