以下厂家提供直接可用的 PLECS 热模型:

厂家 器件 链接/联系方式
Cambridge GaN Devices ICeGaN HEMTs (CGD65A055S2 available, more to be supported) Link
Dynex IGBTs, fast recovery diodes Link
Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) GaN MOSFETs Contact for support.
Fuji Electric IGBT modules Contact for support.
GaN Systems (Infineon) GaN MOSFETs Link
GeneSiC (Navitas) SiC MOSFETs, diodes Link
Hitachi Energy (ABB) IGBT insulated modules Link
IGBT press-pack modules Link
IGCTs Link
fast recovery diodes Link
RoadPak SiC e-mobility modules Link
Hitachi Power Semiconductors Various IGBT, SiC modules Contact for support.
Infineon Various Power Devices Link
Microchip (Microsemi) SiC MOSFETs, diodes Link
onsemi SiC MOSFETs, diodes, modules Link (models available in EliteSiC)
quorvo (UnitedSiC) SiC MOSFETs Link (click "Design Files" for a device)
SiC Schottky diodes Link (click "Design Files" for a device)
Rohm Semiconductor Field stop trench IGBTs Link
SiC power modules Link
Semikron Danfoss IGBT and SiC modules Link
Texas Instruments GaN ICs Link (bottom of product pages)
Vincotech Power modules Link (see "PLECS support" section)
Wolfspeed SiC MOSFETs, modules, diodes Link