PFC Converter and Controller

Active power factor correction (PFC) is used extensively in AC-DC converters since it allows the converter to meet harmonic standards without the need for a bulky and costly input filter that normally accompanies a passive AC-DC converter. In this application example, a single phase boost-type 600 W PFC converter is modeled in PLECS. This application example serves as both a modeling and control design example. The controller, based on a typical commercially-available PFC control IC, is modeled as a custom component and includes features such as interleaved switching and frequency dithering. The design of the current and voltage controllers is achieved with the aid of the PLECS Impulse Response Analysis tool. Complete documentation and example model files used for design and simulation of the system accompany this application note.


PLECS Blockset

  • PLECS Blockset 3.4 or newer
  • MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b) newer

PLECS Standalone

  • PLECS Standalone 3.4 or newer


The documentation in PDF format can be downloaded here. You can download the example models for PLECS Blockset here and for PLECS Standalone here.