PLECS 3.4.4

Major fixes:

  • PLECS crashed on certain models that worked in PLECS 3.3
  • Certain models that worked in PLECS 3.3. reported an error: Implementation error: A child instruction unexpectedly has a non-continuous and non-constant sample time.
  • ToFile block and Small Signal Reponse block do not work in atomic subsystems
  • Refine factor has no influences on scopes in a PLECS circuit (blockset only)
  • Data in Fourier window does not correspond to trace order
  • Displaying identical constant spreaded signals in a scope produces an empty scope

PLECS 3.4.3

Major fixes:

  • Fix a rendering bug in exported scope plots.
  • Fix a bug regarding block execution in PLECS Blockset 3.4.1 and 3.4.2. Specifically, the Output function of C-Script blocks might be called out of sequence, when their output was connected to a switch component.

Compatibility considerations:

    PLECS 3.4.2

    Major fixes:

    • Fixes a crash when closing a model while a probe editor window is open.
    • Fixes an error that lead to an endless loop when starting the simulation for certain models.

    PLECS Combo トライアルライセンスの発行

    PLECS Comboライセンスは、同一端末環境で、PLECS Blocksetと、PLECS Standaloneが利用可能です。