Can simulation scripts be used in PLECS Standalone?

Problem description: 

I'd like to initialize component values and simulation parameters from a script and then invoke a simulation. Ideally I could run a script that runs and compares several simulations, each with unique parameters. Since PLECS Standalone doesn't use MATLAB and its scripting capabilities, is this possible?


Yes, initialization parameters can be included in the simulation settings for a specific PLECS Standalone model, but scripts, including .m files, can also be called for parameter sweeps and invoking simulations.

PLECS Standalone has an internal scripting tool with a syntax very similar to MATLAB.

PLECS Standalone also offers an XML-RPC interface allowing any other program that can send XML-RPC requests to control PLECS externally. Many scripting languages support XML-RPC out of the box, for example Python or Ruby. Other scripting language extensions for XML-RPC support are available for free on the internet.