PLECS Model of the Month: Three Phase Three Switch (TPTS) Converter

This "PLECS Model of the Month" video provides an overview of modulating techniques for the Three Phase Three Switch (TPTS) Converter. The model was submitted by Dr. Janamejaya Channegowda, a former PhD Student at Ontario Tech in Canada and currently an Assistant Professor at the Ramaiah Institute of Technology in India.

For more details refer to Dr. Channegowda's paper:

Janamejaya Channegowda, Najath Abdul Azeez, Sheldon S. Williamson, "Simplified Carrier-Based Modulation Scheme for Three-Phase Three-Switch Rectifier", Industry Applications IEEE Transactions on, vol. 55, no. 2, pp. 1690-1697, 2019.

The author can be contacted at jc at