RT Box ControlCard Interface

ControlCard Interface

The ControlCard Interface facilitates a simple connection of the RT Box with various controlCARD evaluation modules from Texas Instruments. It enables the user to test control algorithms implemented on C2000 MCUs, in conjunction with the RT Box, without building own interface hardware. The pinout of the ControlCard Interface board has been optimized for the following development kits:

  • Piccolo controlCARDs (28027, 28035, 28069, 28075)
  • Delfino controlCARDs (28335, 2837xD)
  • Concerto controlCARDs (F28M35, F28M36)

All RT Box output signals are buffered to protect the MCU from overvoltage, and local opamps provide a low-impedance source for the MCU ADCs inputs. External JTAG adapters can be connected to the MCUs by means of 14-pin headers. Each controlCARD is wired to an isolated CAN driver, allowing communication amongst the controlCARDs as well as external equipment.

The board further provides direct access to 3 analog outputs of the RT Box via BNC and includes four sliding switches and LEDs for basic user I/O.

The user manual for the ControlCard Interface can be found here.