Photovoltaic String Model

PV modules are often connected in series strings to increase the DC input voltage for a PV inverter. In this example, a PV string comprising an arbitrary number of series-connected modules is modeled. The PV string model is based on a non-linear current source that accurately models the non-linear VI characteristic over an insolation (sun intensity) range of 0 to 1kWhr/m2. The typical output current characteristic of the PV model is shown below. The model is based on the Shockley diode equations for accuracy and can be used to study the interactions between a PV inverter and the supply modules. The PV string component can be connected in various series and parallel configurations and used as a DC source for both offline and grid-connected systems. Included with this application example is a stand-alone PV inverter system that is driven by the PV string.


PLECS Blockset

  • PLECS Blockset 3.4 or newer
  • MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b) newer

PLECS Standalone

  • PLECS Standalone 3.4 or newer


The documentation in PDF format can be downloaded here. You can download the example models for PLECS Blockset here and for PLECS Standalone here.