Double-Layer Capacitor

Supercapacitors are well-suited for energy buffer applications that demand a large storage capacitance or a high pulse current capability. Two supercapacitor models are presented in this application note. A simplified supercapacitor model, where the supercapacitor is modeled as a voltage-dependent capacitor with a static internal resistance, is first described. In the second model, the effect of self discharge and frequency-dependent variations in the internal impedance are modeled. A combined electrical-thermal supercapacitor model that models temperature rise due to internal power dissipation is also provided. A typical curve for the frequency-dependent internal resistance of the supercapacitor model is shown below.


PLECS Blockset

  • PLECS Blockset 3.4 or newer
  • MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b) newer

PLECS Standalone

  • PLECS Standalone 3.4 or newer


The documentation in PDF format can be downloaded here. You can download the example models for PLECS Blockset here and for PLECS Standalone here.