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Plexim is a dynamic, owner-managed company with short decision-making processes and a flat hierarchy. We focus our activities on outstanding product quality and long-term customer benefits rather than on short-term financial figures. As a climate-neutral company, we strive to minimize business travel and offset the unavoidable remainder of our emissions.

We are constantly looking for new colleagues in order to accelerate the continuous development of our simulation tools, provide high quality technical and commercial support to our customers and resellers, and educate about our products.

Plexim GmbH in Zurich currently has the following open job positions:

Plexim, Inc. in Cambridge, MA, currently has the following open job positions:

At Plexim we embrace agile development processes recognizing that the optimal solution to a mission is rarely known in advance. Working with us requires motivation and self-discipline, as all developers are responsible for the quality of their own code. High software quality is more important to us than meeting self-imposed deadlines, so we do not adhere to fixed release cycles. This largely frees us from the need to work overtime or impose vacation blocks.

We are a team of passionate scientists and engineers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and insights and view the company's success as a team effort. We offer a modern development environment, flexible working hours and highly satisfied customers who value our products and efforts.

If you feel that your skills and experience would be a fit at Plexim, we encourage you to email your complete application to