Commercial Price List


This price list applies to commercial, government or personal use of the software. For academic use on university-owned computers please refer to the academic price list.

The prices below are for permanent licenses and include 1 year of software maintenance service. The price for an annual lease is 50 % of the corresponding permanent license.

For Canadian customers, all prices are given in US Dollars.

Product Unit price
PLECS Blockset Concurrent License $16,000.00
PLECS Blockset Dongle License $11,200.00
PLECS Blockset Individual License $8,000.00
Product Unit price
PLECS Coder Concurrent License $16,000.00
PLECS Coder Dongle License $11,200.00
PLECS Coder Individual License $8,000.00


PLECS Blockset is an extension for Simulink from The MathWorks. MATLAB and Simulink are required for running PLECS Blockset.

PLECS Standalone is an independent simulation software. It has no connection to MATLAB/Simulink.

PLECS Combo licenses allow to use both PLECS Blockset and Standalone.

PLECS Web-Based Simulation lets you publish PLECS Standalone models on web pages. Please see the price information for the required PLECS Web Server License.

Licensing Options

With an Individual License, the licensee can choose between either user-based or computer-based licensing:

  • User-based licensing allows a designated named user to use the software. The software may be installed and operated on up to three computers, provided that the software is only accessible to that single named user. On each of these computers the named user must have a personal login, which may not be shared with other users.
  • Computer-based licensing allows the software to be installed and used on a single computer. Under this licensing option, multiple people can use the software, but not simultaneously. The software may only be operated from the computer's console.

Concurrent Licenses allow multiple users to access the software from computers that are connected to a central license server. The number of simultaneous users is limited by the number of installed Concurrent Licenses. Each Concurrent License may be installed on one license server only.

A Dongle License allows the software to be installed on one or more computers. Any person may use the software on the computer that is connected to a specific hardware dongle, provided that the software is operated from the computer's console. Currently, Dongle Licenses run under Windows and Mac OS only.


Unless otherwise quoted, hardware products are shipped from Switzerland. The prices below include shipping but are exclusive of any taxes and duties. All orders of hardware products are subject to stock availability.

Product Unit price
PLECS RT Box 1 $11,200.00
PLECS RT Box 2 $22,400.00
PLECS RT Box 3 $28,000.00
PLECS RT Box CE $5,600.00
Product Unit price
Analog Breakout Board $800.00
ControlCard Interface $800.00
Digital Breakout Board $800.00
LaunchPad-Nucleo Interface $800.00


Operating the PLECS RT Box requires a software license of PLECS Standalone, PLECS Blockset or PLECS Combo and a license of the PLECS Coder.