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Learn how to use PLECS, the RT Box, and generate embedded code with our tutorial materials. These include written exercises and videos on topics such as getting started with PLECS Blockset and Standalone, exploring the different physical domains, using advanced tools, and how to tailor your models with the intention of targetting the RT Box or an MCU.

Application examples

For new users of PLECS and those who are interested in exploring specific systems and topologies, browse the applications examples. These include a selection of demo models that are already packaged inside of PLECS as well as some other relevant examples for modeling power conversion systems.

Technical solutions

The technical solutions provide a knowledge base of questions and answers about the capabilities of PLECS as well as general inquiries related to installation and licensing issues. Also included are various technical problems and solutions that a PLECS user may encounter ranging from using specific library components to understanding the solver settings.

Installation help

Visit this page if you need help installing either PLECS Blockset or Standalone.

User forum

If you are looking for a specific model or technical help from PLECS users please check out the Plexim user forum.

Contact support

Should you continute to have any problems with installing or using PLECS after referring to the support topics above, follow the instructions to contact support and someone from Plexim will respond to help you.

"The workshop confirms our past support experience with Plexim: A well-prepared and flexible concept which satisfies our different applications of PLECS, a documentation of high quality and an outstanding workshop leader who was able to answer all questions — even the very detailed ones. A great benefit with little organizational effort on our side."
— Dr. Oliver Sterz, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen