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Plexim, with locations in Zurich and Boston, is an innovative software company active in the field of technical simulation. For 20 years we have successfully developed and marketed PLECS – the leading simulation software for power electronic systems and electrical drives. In addition, we offer automatic code generation and real-time systems as pioneering technologies for the development and test of controls.

Our customers are industrial corporations of all sizes, research labs and technical universities. They develop systems for electrical energy conversion and thus drive the transition towards electromobility and renewable energy sources. Plexim's simulation tools are heavily employed in the development of electric cars, rolling stock, wind turbines, solar inverters and power supplies.


Plexim GmbH was founded as a spinoff company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich in 2002. It was initially located within the Power Systems Laboratory at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. In 2005, the company's office was moved to Technopark Zurich.

In 2009, Plexim opened an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts to provide direct technical support to our North American customers.


At the core of Plexim stands a dynamic team of highly skilled software developers, electrical engineers, and sales associates. Take a look at the faces of some key people driving product development, technical support and customer relations.

Careers at Plexim

For the expansion of our team, we are constantly looking for talented employees with experience in the fields of power electronics and computer science. Take a look at our currently open positions!

Authorized Distributors

Plexim has its own offices in Switzerland and the United States and partners with local distributors in Asian countries. For a complete list please visit our contact page.