STM32 Code Generation

Target Support Package

To generate code for STMicroelectronic (ST) STM32 MCUs, PLECS Standalone or PLECS Blockset, and the PLECS Coder are required. In addition, a Target Support Package (TSP) must be installed. Download the appropriate package file and follow the installation instructions.

Type Platform File name
TSP Zip Archive Microsoft Windows 64-bit
TSP Zip Archive Mac / Intel 64-bit

The current version of the TSP requires PLECS version 4.7.5 or newer.
It supports the STM32G431, STM32G474, STM32F303 and STM32F334 microprocessors.

Release History

Version 1.4: New light-weight task scheduler, enhanced powerstage protection features, HRTIM and PWM block enhancements, identify a target by its serial number, new demo model added, generate a pinmap (requires PLECS 4.7.5 or later).

Version 1.3: Support for HRTIM peripheral, variable frequency PWM generator, edge counter block and new demo model added (requires PLECS 4.6.7 or later).

Version 1.2: CAN/CAN FD, SPI, Pulse Capture and QEP blocks added (requires PLECS 4.6.1 or later).

Version 1.1: Support for F303 and F334 devices added (requires PLECS 4.5.8 or later).

Version 1.0: Initial release (requires PLECS 4.5.6 or later).