RT Box Software

Target Support Packages

To operate the RT Box, PLECS Standalone or PLECS Blockset and the PLECS Coder are required on a host computer. In addition, a Target Support Package (see table below) must be installed on the host. Download the appropriate package file and follow the install instructions.

Platform File name
Microsoft Windows 32-bit / 64-bit PLECS_RT_Box_2.1.8_win.zip (196737649 bytes)
Mac / Intel 64-bit PLECS_RT_Box_2.1.8_mac.zip (216576423 bytes)
Linux / Intel 64-bit PLECS_RT_Box_2.1.8_linux.zip (213195677 bytes)

This target support package requires PLECS version 4.5.2 or newer.

Release History

Version 2.1: Wall Clock block, To File block (for RT Box 2/3), asynchronous SPI Master, preemptive multitasking for RT Box 1
Version 2.0: Support for RT Box 2 and 3, updated compiler
Version 1.8: CAN Pack and Unpack blocks, support for RT Box 1 Rev. 1.2
Version 1.7: Support for CAN and UDP
Version 1.6: Fixes for Quadrature Encoder and SPI Master
Version 1.5: Support for Quadrature Encoder Counter
Version 1.4: Support for SPI and XML-RPC
Version 1.3: Support for PWM synchronization and variable ADC sampling delay
Version 1.2: Support for SFP communication
Version 1.1: Initial RT Box firmware