Demo Model Video - Embedded Code Generation: Single-Phase PV Inverter Control on a TI C2000 MCU

These videos correspond to the TI C2000 code generation demo model of a single-phase grid-connected PV inverter, with a cascaded control scheme. The solar array provides a steady-state output of ~380 V DC, which is connected to a 230 Vrms, 50 Hz single-phase mains via a full bridge inverter and LCL output filter. The control system comprises three control loops: a maximum power point (MPP) controller, a voltage controller and a current controller, and the PLECS multi-tasking feature is deployed for this structure. Combined with the PLECS RT Box, the performance of the MCU can be verified directly.

There are two parts to this video. In this first part, we explore the offline/desktop model and in the second part we generate multi-tasking code for a TI MCU and test it against the real-time version of the model using the RT Box.

Part 1:

Part 2: