Can I run PLECS on a terminal server?

Problem description: 

I want to install a PLECS Individual License on a central compute server. I will be logging in via remote desktop on that compute server from my desktop PC. Can I operate PLECS from my desktop PC?


By default, PLECS Individual and Dongle Licenses can only be operated from the console of the computer where the license is installed. Access via terminal servers is prevented.

However, if a PLECS Individual License is assigned to a named user, the software may be installed on a terminal server and operated remotely, provided that the software is only accessible to that single named user. Upon request, Plexim will enable access via remote login and provide a license file that includes the personal login name. 

The software cannot be operated remotely, if the PLECS Individual License is assigned to a single computer or for PLECS Dongle Licenses. If you want to install PLECS on a central compute server and let multiple people operate it from their desktop PCs you need to purchase (or upgrade to) a PLECS Concurrent License. Concurrent Licenses work with terminal servers and remote desktop.

Trial Licenses and Student Licenses do not support remote operation.