Webinar: PLECS Coder and TI C2000 Target Support Package

Watch this webinar to see the PLECS Coder in action! This webinar demonstrates how the PLECS TI C2000 Target Support Package can be used to program a microprocessor in minutes and can run practical closed-loop control applications. The webinar also features insights from a Plexim senior developer who discusses motivations, implementation, and best practices for automated code generation.

The presentation highlights the PLECS Coder workflow where we design and simulate a motor drive system on our PC in PLECS, then generate and deploy code onto a TI C2000 MCU and spin a real motor. Once the embedded control code is running, we show how one can adjust control parameters on-the-fly, view real-time signals streaming back from the microprocessor in the PLECS Scope, and benchmark our simulation model against a physical plant.