Is it possible to hide the implementation of a model?

Problem description: 

I'd like to either control access to the entire circuit or specific systems for security purposes, is this possible?


PLECS allows you to control user access to individual subsystems or to complete circuits. In particular, you can prevent a user from viewing or modifying a schematic while still allowing the user to simulate a circuit.

To change the access settings of a circuit, open the permissions dialog box by choosing Circuit permissions from the File menu. To change the settings of a subsystem, choose "Subsystem permissions..." from the Edit menu or from the block’s context menu.

You can grant or deny the following privileges:

  • The View privilege controls whether a user can view the schematic of a circuit or subsystem.
  • The Modify privilege controls whether a user can modify the schematic of a circuit or subsystem. For a subsystem it also controls whether the mask definition may be modified.

If you apply access restrictions you will be asked for a password to prevent an unauthorized person from lifting these restrictions. The access settings can only be changed again if the correct password is provided.

Also note that when PLECS Blockset saves a circuit with access restrictions to the Simulink model file, it encrypts the respective sections to protect the circuit description from unauthorized access.